Create Better Youtube Video Titles Using Coach AI

The title I made up for this blog post was:

“Create Better Youtube Video Titles Using Coach AI”.

Then I asked Coach AI to Fix my title. Coach AI came up with:

“Generate the Perfect YouTube Video Title Using AI Coach”.

Which one is better? It is pretty easy to find out! We can perform a title split test on Youtube. The split test gives us exactly the information we need. The Click Through Rate per title and the watch time per title.

CTR and Average View Duration
Ferdy Korpershoek
Ferdy Korpershoek

I love Youtube! Since I was young, I have wanted to make videos, and since Youtube was born, I have been trying to make viral videos! Through the years, I have learned a lot about Youtube, making videos and growing on Youtube, and on this website, I share my knowledge and experience with the world.


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